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Data Recovery The Backup the most important procedures to safely protect your personal or business information…
Disasters can strike your data at any time, but maintaining a backup routine, and storing your data in a safe place is the wisest decision you can make!
From photos of your children to classified documents, the backup is the only guarantee you have to access them if something bad happens. The PC WOW will develop a backup plan to preserve what you value most, according to the volume of your data.

Flawless integration…

Synergy When You get a new wireless printer, a bluetooth headset, a firewall appliance, or whatever it may be, you will need to integrate the new device with your existing hardware.
It can turn into chaos to make such changes in your system without checking for compatibility and how to deploy it avoiding conflicts and disruption…
The PC WOW can bring all your devices to work efficiently together in a dynamic connection with perfect synchronization!

All Brands and Models…

Repair When you have an unexpected hardware failure in your computer or a network device that does not respond, it usually happens in the most unfortunate moment possible…
The PC WOW is the right choice for you to solve your problem with certified professionals capable of making a variaty of repairs right on the spot, but if it is considered dead or requires some parts replacement, we guarantee the fastest solution to get your business up and running again!

Smart choices…

Upgrades Regardless of how fast, powerful, functional or any other adjective you may attribute to your equipment, sooner or later it will become obsolete…
The fast changes in the technological market require proactive measures, although it is extremely necessary, many times this procedure is neglected, turning the system unstable and reducing its performance.
Upgrading a computer, production software or the entire network can bring challenges not so easy to overcome!
Our Support Team understand these situations, providing specific advices about best practices for upgrading your environment, always attempting to take advantage of the most sofisticated resouces available witout going over your budget!

Safety first…

Secure The internet requires a conscious evaluation of how it is used for both your home and business. It is a door for many opportunities, but don't let all the good stuff fool you ignoring serious threats that it can hide…
We can help you win these battles with smart strategy and fast responses, whenever or wherever it breaks out!
Be aware of suspicious activities can prevent you from identity theft, huge data losses, and many other situations that can be harmful to you or your business.
Did you know that the most common security issues start with weak passwords? It becomes even more problematic when you use the same password for multiple purposes!
The PC WOW can help you protect your information according to advanced security standards…

Any size…

Network Network is the key for today's productivity.
Sharing your information throughout your departments can make the difference between success and failure. Regardless if it is made of two or one thousand computers, every network has one common issue: security.
Common threats are easily detected, and can be properly managed without too much effort… However, when it comes to sophisticated offensive methods, you need to be well prepared to defend yourself and regain control of the situation. It is crucial that your information is safe, and it can flow around your network without compromise…
Let us review your network and assess where it needs improvements!

Connected everywhere…

Wireless Set yourself free from your desk and use your computer anywhere around your home or office.
We will create your Wi-Fi network with the highest level of security. This will ensure that others can neither access your personal information nor can they slow down your network!
The PC WOW also saves you time and money by sharing your resources, connecting all of your computers wirelessly to printers or external storage, making them more cost-efficient with the protection you want and the control you need…
Your children will enjoy wireless online gaming for XBox®, PlayStation® or Wii®, while you stream the latest TV shows or movies direclty from your Smart TV!
We guarantee no "dead zones" with our customized site survey.

Available anywhere…

Remote Support Have you wondered what would you do if something goes wrong with your computer when you go for a business trip?
Relax… Now you can count on PC WOW support every step of the way!
The Remote Support is a software solution that, with your permission, allows one of our technicians to troubleshoot your computer through the internet.
All you need is an internet connection in your computer!
You must read the Terms & Conditions of service before proceding. By downloading this support remote tool, you agree with the PC WOW service terms…

Network Speed

This tools works with all major versions of Windows — NOT compatible with macOS | Linux
This tools works with all major versions of Windows | macOS | Linux

Valuable knowledge…

Learning Center For every new or upgraded software there is a chance of impact to your functionality.
The PC WOW offers the professional training for Microsoft® Windows, Apple® OS X, and Microsoft Office for PC and Mac.
You learn from 1-on-1 classes designed for your specific needs to become more efficient at your own pace, with the flexibility to accomodate your schedule!

  • Word.
  • Access.
  • Excel.
  • Publisher.
  • Power Point.
  • Outlook.

It is time to get the knowledge you need to maximize your potential!
Group classes are also available

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