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From repairing a single computer to managing a Corporate Network, The PC WOW is here to make the difference. We understand the needs and challenges of small businesses. Through the strategic use of technology, the PC WOW meets those needs and helps you achieve your goals!

Customer Support

When you use your computer it is always with productivity in mind. Making the system run at its best is the primary focus of the PC WOW Support Team.

Knowledge & Experience

Breakthroughs come after hard work and trying new ideas, we guarantee you that our IT professionals are ready to answer all of your questions…

Personalized Integration

You can count on exceptional IT Professionals regardless of your decision to use PC, Mac, or a combination of both…

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Who We Are

The main office is located in Boynton Beach, FL. Our support team can meet with you from Miami to Vero Beach during regular business hours, plus you have the convenience of Remote Assistance anytime around the World.

That's why the PC WOW receives the highest referral rates from current customers...