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Worry free…

Data Recovery The Backup is the most effective method to protect information…
From children’s photos to private documents, backup is your only guarantee to recover such content if some tragic happens.
Our support team will analyze your content to create a convenient prevention strategy for saving valuable information.

Flawless integration…

Synergy Adding one wireless printers or replacing firewall appliances are trivial tasks we need, but this is often challenging…
We can avoid the chaos when making these necessary changes!
The PC WOW will confirm the efficiency of your systems by validating each equipment’s ability to work together in perfect harmony!

All Brands and Models…

Repair We must prepare to handle unexpected computer hardware failures or network devices that do not connect as it should…
The PC WOW is your best choice to help solve these problems! Thus, our professionals can fix various issues right on the spot, replacing parts or even the whole equipment if necessary.
We guarantee the fastest solution to get you working again.

Smart choices…

Upgrades Regardless of how powerful your equipment is, it becomes obsolete anyhow…
Upgrading your computer, operating system or network devices may bring tough challenges to conquer!
Our team knows these conditions. Therefore, we will give specific advice about best practices  for keeping your hardware and software up-to-date within the budget!

Safety first…

Secure The internet may open the way for many great opportunities, although ignoring the serious threats it can hide is a huge mistake…
Be aware of suspicious activities prevents you from identity theft, data losses, and many other harmful situations to you or your business.
Did you know that most security issues start with weak passwords? It gets even more problematic if you reuse them for multiple purposes.
The PC WOW will help you protect your information. Thus, you take advantage over cyber battles with smart strategy and fast responses whenever or wherever it breaks out!

Any size…

Network Every network, regardless of its size, has one common issue: Security.
Therefore, we will check your network status, creating policies that give users proper access to the resources and data they need. Yet keeping the performance without compromises.
By the way, how vulnerable to cyber threats is your network? Take full control of your network security by calling us today!

Connected everywhere…

Wireless Set yourself free from your desk to use your computer anywhere around your home or office.
The PC WOW saves you time and money by sharing your resources over the Wi-Fi Network efficiently. Thus, giving you flexibility for your computers is not only possible but further implements the control you need…
We will design a reliable Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Our customized site inspection will ensure you have zero “dead zones” to slow down the connection. Therefore, only allowed users can access your internal resources and be safe to browse the internet.

Available anywhere…

Remote Support Do you wonder what if something goes wrong with your computer when you go on a trip?
Relax… PC WOW support covers you every step of the way!
Our remote software allows the support team to fix several problems through the internet. Therefore, all you will need is an internet connection on your computer.
You must read the Terms & Conditions of service before continuing. Thus, by downloading the remote support tool, you acknowledge the PC WOW service terms…

Network Speed
This tool helps to validate your internet speed for remote help.
This tool works with all major versions of Windows
This tool works with all major versions of macOS
This tool works with all major versions of Debian based distros
This tool works with all major versions of Android based devices

Valuable knowledge…

Learning Center Unfortunately, with every new software or upgrade, there is a risk of impact on your functionality.
The PC WOW offers professional training for Microsoft Windows®, Apple macOS®, and Microsoft Office® suite for these systems.
You will learn from 1-on-1 classes based on your specific needs. Therefore, you become more efficient at your own pace. Besides, you get flexible accommodations in your busy schedule.

  • Word.
  • Access.
  • Excel.
  • Publisher.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Outlook.

This is the time to maximize your potential by learning the skills you need to succeed!
Group classes are also available

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